Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spring Is On The Way!

As I write this post I can hear the sloshing shovels of my neighbors digging themselves out from under two days of snowfall. It's that wet and heavy half-frozen slushy-kind that is better left on the ground lest you find yourself face down in it. I've got 911 on speed dial just in case my neighbor's heart decides for him that it's time to stop shoveling. It certainly has been cold and gray for several days now and that has us all yearning for sunshine.

Spring really isn't all that far off ~ come to think of it ~ so what better time to share some new pieces fresh from the studio! I've recently completed two collections of spring designs that I'll be bringing with me to DC in April. The two below are my favorites from the bunch. Click on the images to see larger version of each.

Amaryllidaceae musicalus (id 813; image size: 7 w x 10.5 h inches). This piece includes maps and stamps as well as sheet music and Italian currency featuring Maria Montessori.

Crocus molluscianii (id 809; 7 w x 10.5 h inches). This design includes the decorative edging from vintage maps as well as snippets from an antique comic book about the life of Buddha.

There are six crocus and six amaryllis designs altogether. You can view the entire collection by visiting my photostream on Flickr. In the coming days I'll be uploading several other design collections including Orchids and Ferns.

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