Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hello, it's me!

It's been quite some time since I've posted anything! What can I say? Life got crazy busy all of a sudden ~ but I'm back now and will be posting on a regular basis. Lately, I've been receiving some email questions about my work and process and I plan on addressing them here. Drop me a line if there's anything you'd like to know. Sharing arty ideas is fun.

Thanks to those who stopped by to visit my booth in April! It was lovely to see some old friends and make a bunch of new ones. Below is a shot of the Smithsonian Craft Show floor before it opened to the public. It's an amazing place to set up shop, that's for sure. The folks who make this show happen every year are amazing. They work tirelessly to keep the show fresh and interesting for visitors and artists alike. It's an honor to be selected and I feel lucky to have gotten in three times.

Opening festivities for the craft show include a preview party. Again, the organizers treat the artists well and put on one nice spread. We were well fed that evening and that trend continued throughout the week. I never had to bring a lunch! Anyway, the preview party features an awards ceremony and welcoming remarks from the Secretary of the Smithsonian and other dignitaries.